1. Stark Beauty Recaptured And Flourishing In The Hands Of A Lunatic (the Single w/B-side)

  2. The Incomparable Human Susceptibility Suite

  3. “The Preliminary Reading Of 29 Train Rides” Vol. 1

  4. Suffering From Public OVEREXPOSURE and Fallen Through The Portal (2-song) Single

  5. THINK - FRET - REASON [Piano Excerpts]

  6. Certainly Not Me (Single)

  7. Stranded With The Tragically Hip (Single)

  8. Project #37 (In 3 Movements)

  9. A Bias For Enduring (instrumental single)

  10. Sonata For The Subtle Ruin Of The Species (3-Movements)

  11. Rant-Spew & Croon (Gordon Pryor's Vocal Favorites)

  12. Life View From the Proscenium (Single-in 3 Movements)

  13. Subsequent Ruin And The Probability Factor (2-Song Single)

  14. A Requiem For The Dead (Single)

  15. "Falling Apart At Sea" (Instrumental-Single)

  16. Considered Consequences (Single)

  17. Gordon Pryor's Unfinished Symphonic Sketches: I've Been Counting The Dead

  18. Lament For The Fallen (I've Been Counting The Dead) The Single

  19. Insistent And Pragmatic in [4] Movements w/Voice

  20. “Screamers & Instrumental Musique” Featuring Gordon Pryor

  21. The Great "Sci Fi-demic, B&W Copper's Riots, and 5G Shit-fest, 2020 America" [BASHING IT OUT ! - ? (1/6/2021)] Piano Improvisation

  22. The Height Of Foolishness (Etude in 2 Movements)

  23. [ReMix] The Mating Call Of The Circus Loons (Instrumental Single)

  24. "The Singles"

  25. "As Modern As Tomorrow"

  26. Waltz For The Foibles Of The Heart (instrumental single)

  27. Who? What? is Gordon Pryor Multidisciplinary Artist: Audio Work (Retrospective 2010-2013) {Single}

  28. From The Hole In The Brick Wall (Instrumental Single)

  29. Different Than Friends (Allowed Emotional Indulgences) [Single]

  30. "Noise As Communication" The ReMix (Instrumental Single)


Gordon Pryor Denver, Colorado

Gordon Pryor is a Multidisciplinary Artist. Working in a Contemporary Story Telling style (as heard on the debut CD - 29 Train Rides) Further Audio directions include
Orchestral Improv, Eclectic vocal & Electro-Acoustic Ambient works. "I don’t do Conventional Music Composition" - Idiosyncratic, Audio Works, if you need a category. Work prospective & approach;
ART Until Death. Thanks for listening.
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